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GWUOHS Parent Newsletter February 2017

A Message From Our Head of School


Dear GWUOHS Parents and Learning Coaches,

We have officially (and successfully!) completed our Fall Semester.  I could not be more proud of the accomplishments of our students in just a few short months.  From the astounding scholarships that our Seniors are receiving to the outstanding student performance in Fall classes – our students are exceeding so many expectations.

As we discussed in our Spring All-School Assembly, we will continue to strive to do even bigger and better this upcoming semester.  We know our students will remain determined for that continued excellence in their studies.  So, we encourage them to use that determination to become as active as they can in our school community.  They can join one (or more) of our many clubs, where they can collaborate and socialize with their peers.  They can become a leader in those clubs, helping to shape our GWUOHS community.  They can attend one of our activities – from All-School Assemblies to admissions sessions, NHS-sponsored school activities, and more – students will not only benefit from these sessions educationally, but also personally.  We want nothing more than to have our students benefit from all of the unique aspects of GWUOHS – academically, personally, and socially.

We appreciate your help with getting your child involved – you can check out all of our clubs and community events in your student’s homeroom.  As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas on these (and potential) offerings, you are always welcome to contact me:

All my best,
Alison Mistretta

College Counseling Corner

Lisa Bell, College Counselor

Welcome, or Welcome Back for Spring Semester!

Spring Journeys focuses on many great topics!

  • Time Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Friendships
  • College Essay
  • Career Exploration
  • Volunteerism
  • And many, many more!

 Taking the SAT/ACT/AP Exam(s)?

  • Don’t forget our CEEB Code! 471066

Seniors/Senior Parents!

  • Please keep me informed of:
    • College Applications-where are you applying, acceptances, denials, waitlist
    • Scholarships/Grants received
    • Where are you planning to attend
    • If not college, what are you after high school plans? Gap Year? Other?
    • Don’t forget to update your Family Connections with this information!

College Acceptances and Scholarships!!

Kudos to Our Seniors!! Several have already been accepted into college! Some of the acceptances received so far: Pace University, Siena College, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, New York University, George Mason University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Miami University-Oxford, New York Institute of Technology, and more!

As of February, our Seniors are already approaching 1.5M in scholarships! Way to Go!

Virtual Admissions Presentations!

So far, we have been fortunate to have had UC Berkeley, GWU, Drexel, and the University of Arizona present. Our next upcoming will be St. Mary’s  College of Maryland, February 10th at 2 PM EST, followed by Virginia Tech on March 10th at 2 PM EST.

News and Announcements

GWUOHS Graduate Success

Curious to find out where our students go after they graduate from GWUOHS? Look no further! 100% of our graduates are accepted to one or more colleges, including schools such as Harvard or UC Berkeley. Additionally, our students received $2.8 million in scholarships, both in 2015 and 2016. As both our profile and population grows, we look forward to seeing what our 2017 class is capable of! Best of luck during this college application season, seniors!

GWUOHS In the News

GWUOHS Marketing

As we work to keep our school community vibrant and growing, GWUOHS is always looking for any ideas that may help us better market our school to prospective students and parents. If you have any suggestions (or would like to contribute to our marketing efforts), don’t hesitate to reach out to our marketing team at

GWUOHS Annual Virtual Science Fair
Whitney Keaton

ž  This spring, all honors science students will be completing modified honors projects that will be entered into a Virtual Science Fair.ž These projects will allow students to research and design an experiment (or invention) that they are interested in. A presentation will be created at the end of the project to be entered into the fair. We will be using judges from all fields of science to judge the projects in various categories.

ž  The judging will take place during the week after projects are due followed by an awards ceremony.

ž  Dates:

›      Final Projects – due 6/16
›      Judging – 6/19-6/21
›      Awards Ceremony – 6/22

  • If you are not in honors science, but are interested in participating, contact Mrs. Keaton ASAP!
  • Parents – if you are in the science field and are interested in judging, please contact Mrs. Keaton!

Yearbook Club
Joseph Chernich

The Yearbook needs photos of you!  Please send in an individual picture of yourself.

We also want to see you out in the world doing the things you enjoy: sports, theater, hiking, field trips, picture with your pets… We want to see you doing the activities you love.  We are also collecting photos of artwork and poetry.  And if you want to help edit, join the club!  All submissions are due May 1st.

K12 Online ACT/SAT Test Preptestprep_k12courses_carousel

One of the items within the college preparation list is taking the SAT or ACT exam.  This exam, along with your child’s courses, grades, and extra-curricular activities will help determine the colleges they apply.  To help your child prepare for the SAT/ACT exams, K12 is now offering Test Prep courses.  The Test Prep sessions are adaptive online prep courses which can help strengthen a student’s performance on the SAT or ACT exams.  Each session occurs right before the test date to ensure your child feels prepared and ready to take the exam.  We offer 2 different types of sessions throughout the school year:

 Instructor-Led sessions COST $899

  • Synchronous Sessions with experienced, energetic, certified teachers
  • 3 one hour English sessions and 3 one hour Math sessions
  • Asynchronous Lessons with practice questions, quizzes, and easy to understand explanation videos
  • Access to library of video resources
  • Individual help sessions by appointment
  • 3 full length practice tests

Guided, Self-Study sessions COST $299

  • Asynchronous Lessons with practice questions, quizzes, and easy to understand explanation videos
  • Access to library of video resources
  • Drop-in help desk sessions
  • 3 full length practice tests

Visit or call 855-534-6298 for complete details and ordering information.

SAT Test Date SAT Prep Session
Mar 11, 2017 Jan 23-May 3
May 6, 2017 Mar 20-Apr 28
Jun 3, 2017 Apr 17-May 26
ACT Test Date ACT Prep Session
Apr 8, 2017 Feb 20-Mar 31
Jun 10, 2017 Apr 24-Jun 2



2016-17 School Calendar

Be sure to bookmark this year’s school calendar, linked above. The calendar provides our complete schedule for the year, along with holidays, dates on which our terms end and begin, exam dates, and upcoming events.



GWU Corner

During the 2016-17 school year, GWUOHS staff have been finding ways to incorporate GWU events and resources into their courses.  This is to recognize the essential partnership we have with The George Washington University, and provide opportunities for students to engage in in-person events relevant to their learning.  Some activities that have been included in our own GWUOHS courses consist of:

  • Incorporating recordings from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health’s YouTube channel into our high-school science classes.
  • Providing students information on relevant webinars offered by the GWU Lecture Series.
  • Coordinating a GWU Med School tour.
  • Distributing information regarding “Future-Careers Day,” which is coordinated by GWU’s Medical School.
  • Discussing with students pertinent information regarding GWU’s Young Scholars Program for future mathematicians and engineers.
  • Sharing worthwhile and relevant events that are taking place on GWU’s campuses (from debates to films and more).

We look forward to incorporating more events and resources into our own school community to continue to strengthen our partnership with The George Washington University!

Has your student recently accomplished or participated in something particularly noteworthy? We’d like to know! Feel free to send information and/or pictures to for possible inclusion in a future newsletter.

The mission of The George Washington University Online High School is to educate and inspire academically talented and motivated students who seek membership in a school community that values and cultivates hard work, integrity, appreciation of diversity, love of learning, compassion, and high personal expectations. Through intensive, interactive online collaboration, the GWUOHS experience prepares students to contribute significantly, responsibly, and respectfully in a global society.

To contact someone directly, please feel free to visit